Šparadići Šibenik

Šparadići | Grebaštica | Šibenik

On the opposite side of bay Grebaštica, towards Primošten and
under Adriatic coastal road, a magical place called Šparadići is located.
Šparadići's trump is the crystal-clear and fish-abundant sea.

The old pine forest on one side and the crystal blue sea on the other. This is what has always been attracting tourists to Šparadići.
Nature and sport-tourism fans can enjoy the well-arranged cycle paths as well as the hiking paths. You can take a walk to the highest points of the hills Sv. Joan and Orlica.

Šparadići has a beautiful natural rocky beaches, but the biggest treasure of all is a crystal clear blue sea. We have a diving school while other sports activities can be found in nearby of Grebaštica or Primošten.
The bay and port southeast from the hill Oštrica offer an anchorage for big yachts, while the smaller ones can anchor in the bays along the north coast.

Many restaurants offer Dalmatian specialties while the locals offer their vegetables and fish at the market.
Due to its quiet and peaceful aura, Šparadići is the perfect place for family vacations. The mild Mediterranean climate, comfortable accommodation, and kind local inhabitants make it the perfect place for a truly unforgettable vacation.


We are situated on a sea line in the beautiful bay of Grebaštica, on the coast road D8, 14 km away from Šibenik.

The proximity to the airports Split (47 km) and Zadar (86 km), as well as the highway, makes our location very attractive in Mid-Dalmatia.

Šparadići consists of several parts with extraordinary beauty.
Banovci is in the center of Grebaštica, and here are all the necessary infrastructure institutions (the beach, the supermarket, the restaurant, the post office, the tourist office…).

The proximity of the national parks Krka and Kornati contribute even more to the fact that Šparadići is a perfect holiday destination.


Šparadići – Grebaštica was founded in Roman times. This is evidenced by the remains of some buildings, as well as the stone cover of a Roman sarcophagus found in the local cemetery next to the church of St. Peter and Mary.

The most impressive monument of this region is the well-preserved defense wall built in the year 1497, to protect the inhabitants from the Turks.

Don`t forget to visit Grebaštica in time for a traditional festival called “Grebaška noć”, which is traditionally held on the last Saturday in July.
With the support of the well-known KUD “Bedem”, Grebaška noć brings a lot of programs, live music, and a wide offer of traditional food by the locals.